Stellar Knife Sharpening Whetstone 400 & 1000 Grit is a stellar sharpening stone with a two piece precision sharpening 400/1000 combination grit for enhanced performance. The firm but porous structure of the stone continuously releases small particles during the sharpening process that when combined with water are responsible for sharpening the knife blade. Features a non-slip base stand that ensures the stone stays stable while in use.
A few times in this guide, you have been witnessed to Arkansas stones. As you probably know by now, these are not Waterstones. Still, users have begged the question of whether or not water can be used in place of oil. For the most part, most manufacturers will advise against using water in place of oil for these types of stones. The reason for this is actually due to the issue of using water as a lubricant. You see, with oil, when you apply it for the first time, some of it is going to remain on it. So, even while in storage, it partially contains oil and then the next time you need it, you will not need as much.

MULTIPLE USES: The stone can be used to sharpen all your kitchen knives as well as other tools around the house. Restore an edge to a pair of scissors or cutting shears for the garden. The 1000 grit is for establishing the proper cutting edge angle. The 6000 grit will bring the edge to razor sharp. Hone it with newspaper over the stone and you will be amazed.